Chebotarëv and his density theorem

  title={Chebotar{\"e}v and his density theorem},
  author={Peter Stevenhagen and Hendrik W. Lenstra},
  journal={The Mathematical Intelligencer},
The Russian mathematician Nikolăı Grigor′evich Chebotarëv (1894–1947) is famous for his density theorem in algebraic number theory. His centenary was commemorated on June 15, 1994, at the University of Amsterdam. The present paper is based on two lectures that were delivered on that occasion, and its content is summarized by the titles of those lectures: ‘Life and work of Chebotarev’, and ‘Chebotarev’s density theorem for the layman’. An appendix to the paper provides a modern proof of the… 
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where v ranges over the places of K (equivalence classes of absolute values), Kv denotes the completion of K at v, and Ov is the valuation ring of Kv if v is nonarchimedean, and equal to Kv
Simple proof of Chebotarev's theorem
We give a simple proof of Chebotarëv’s theorem: Let p be a prime and ω a primitive pth root of unity. Then all minors of the matrix ( ω ij )p−1 i,j=0 are non-zero. Let p be a prime and ω a primitive
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We give a simple proof of Chebotarev's theorem: Let $p$ be a prime and $\omega $ a primitive $p$th root of unity. Then all minors of the matrix $(\omega^{ij})_{i,j=0}^{p-1}$ are non-zero.
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