Cheating the cheater: domatia loss minimizes the effects of ant castration in an Amazonian ant-plant

  title={Cheating the cheater: domatia loss minimizes the effects of ant castration in an Amazonian ant-plant},
  author={Thiago Junqueira Izzo and Heraldo L. Vasconcelos},
We studied the relationship between Hirtella myrmecophila (Chrysobalanaceae), a common but little-studied Amazonian ant-plant that produces leaf-pouches as domatia, and its obligate ant partner, Allomerus octoarticulatus. Field observations revealed that H. myrmecophila drops domatia from older leaves, a characteristic that is unique among myrmecophytes. The physiological mechanism for abortion of domatia is currently unknown, but this characteristic allows for the existence, within the same… CONTINUE READING
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