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Chaunopycnis alba, gen. et sp. nov., a soil fungus intermediate between Moniliales and Sphaeropsidales

  title={Chaunopycnis alba, gen. et sp. nov., a soil fungus intermediate between Moniliales and Sphaeropsidales},
  author={W. Gams},
  • W. Gams
  • Published 1980
  • Biology
  • Persoonia
Chaunopycnis alba gen. et sp. nov. is a cosmopolitan soil fungus with an unusual type of conidioma enclosed in a loosely knit wall of narrow hyaline hyphae which bear little-differentiated, branched conidiophores and cylindrical phialides at the inner surface. 
A New Report on Three Species of Sordariomycetes Class Isolated from Soil in Korea
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Intraspecific genetic diversity of Chaunopycnis alba detected by random amplified polymorphic DNA assay
The relatively high similarity coefficient between antarctic isolates in comparison with coefficients between strains from other geographic locations could be related to the recent introduction of this fungus into the antarctica habitat. Expand