Chattering-free adaptive sliding mode control for pneumatic system position tracking


The current work, we present a free chattering sliding mode control with an adaptive algorithm to track pneumatic actuator position. The Sliding Mode Control (SMC) is robust against uncertainties and external disturbance. However, it may induce undesirable oscillation in the control signal. To overcome this drawback, we replace the discontinuous term of SMC law with an adaptive Proportional Derivative PD term. Using Lyapunov theory, we have proved the stability of the closed loop system. In the objective of checking the efficiency of the mentioned solution, experimental results on a benchmark are presented.

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@article{Ayadi2015ChatteringfreeAS, title={Chattering-free adaptive sliding mode control for pneumatic system position tracking}, author={Assil Ayadi and Soufien Hajji and Mohamed Smaoui and Abdessattar Chaari}, journal={2015 16th International Conference on Sciences and Techniques of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering (STA)}, year={2015}, pages={752-757} }