Chastity for democracy: Surplus repression and the rhetoric of sex education

  title={Chastity for democracy: Surplus repression and the rhetoric of sex education},
  author={Casey Ryan Kelly},
  journal={Quarterly Journal of Speech},
  pages={353 - 375}
  • C. Kelly
  • Published 29 July 2016
  • Sociology
  • Quarterly Journal of Speech
ABSTRACT Moving from opposition to participation, the Adolescent Family Life Act (1981) and the development of abstinence education marks the conservative movement's pivot to a rhetorical strategy of tolerance that enabled it to coopt the public culture of sex discourse. Working from Herbert Marcuse's theory of “surplus repression,” I argue that the New Right seized the liberationist argument for open public discourse about sexuality to sublimate libidinal desires into a national project of… 

Paving the Path for Sex Education: An Analysis of Journey Metaphors in Political Rhetoric

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About the history of sexuality.

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"Modernism Gone Mad": Sex Education Comes to Chicago, 1913.

"Certainly, it is important for the growing child to know his own body as it is to know arithmetic," said Ella Flagg Young, Chicago's superintendent of schools, in 1913. At the turn of the century,