Charts of fetal size: 3. Abdominal measurements.

  title={Charts of fetal size: 3. Abdominal measurements.},
  author={Lyn S. Chitty and Douglas G. Altman and Alison Henderson and Stuart Campbell},
  journal={British journal of obstetrics and gynaecology},
  volume={101 2},
OBJECTIVE To construct new size charts for fetal abdominal circumference and area. DESIGN A prospective, cross sectional study. SETTING The routine ultrasound department of a London teaching hospital. SUBJECTS The fetuses of 663 women seen in the routine antenatal booking clinic whose ultrasound and menstrual dates agreed within 10 days. METHODS Fetuses were scanned once only for the purpose of the study at gestations between 12 and 42 weeks, when up to 20 dimensions were measured… CONTINUE READING

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