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ChartText: Linking Text with Charts in Documents

  title={ChartText: Linking Text with Charts in Documents},
  author={Jo{\~a}o Pedro Vallad{\~a}o Pinheiro and Jorge Poco},
Recent works show that interactive documents connecting text with visualizations facilitate reading comprehension. However, creating this type of content requires specialized knowledge. We present ChartText, a method that links text with visualizations in this work. Our approach supports documents that include bar charts, line charts, and scatter plots. ChartText receives the visual encoding of the visualization and its associated text as input. It then performs the linking in two stages: The… 



Elastic Documents: Coupling Text and Tables through Contextual Visualizations for Enhanced Document Reading

This paper parse the text content and data tables, cross-link the components using a keyword-based matching algorithm, and generate on-demand visualizations based on the reader's current focus within a document that couples text content with data tables contained in the document.

Exploring Interactive Linking Between Text and Visualization

A framework that takes text containing markup, a related dataset, and a configuration file as inputs and produces an interactive document that provides interactions such as details on demand, visual highlighting and comparison, and bushing-and-linking is described.

Authoring Combined Textual and Visual Descriptions of Graph Data

This work introduces an approach that uses a declarative syntax to produce interactive documents and requires little to no programming to support the interactive linking of text and visualizations.

Extracting references between text and charts via crowdsourcing

A crowdsourcing pipeline is presented to extract the references between crowd workers paragraph-chart pairs and applies automated clustering and merging techniques to unify the references generated by multiple workers into a single set.

Graphical Overlays: Using Layered Elements to Aid Chart Reading

This paper introduces graphical overlays-visual elements that are layered onto charts to facilitate a larger set of chart reading tasks, and presents an automated system that applies user-chosen graphical overlay elements to existing chart bitmaps.

Facilitating Document Reading by Linking Text and Tables

An automatic pipeline for extracting references between sentence text and table cells for existing PDF documents is provided that combines structural analysis of tables with natural language processing and rule-based matching.

Coupling Story to Visualization: Using Textual Analysis as a Bridge Between Data and Interpretation

This work uses natural language processing, quantitative narrative analysis, and information visualization to automatically extract narrative components from data-rich stories and integrate the supporting data evidence with the text to develop a narrative visualization.

Temporal Summary Images: An Approach to Narrative Visualization via Interactive Annotation Generation and Placement

A number of interactive techniques that recommend relevant data features and design choices, including an automatic annotations workflow are developed, so that the resultant image becomes appropriate for data storytelling.

ReVision: automated classification, analysis and redesign of chart images

ReVision is a system that automatically redesigns visualizations to improve graphical perception, and applies perceptually-based design principles to populate an interactive gallery of redesigned charts.

Text-to-Viz: Automatic Generation of Infographics from Proportion-Related Natural Language Statements

This paper built a proof-of-concept system that automatically converts statements about simple proportion-related statistics to a set of infographics with pre-designed styles, and demonstrated the usability and usefulness of the system through sample results, exhibits, and expert reviews.