Charms of strongly interacting conformal gauge mediation

  title={Charms of strongly interacting conformal gauge mediation},
  author={Gongjun Choi and Tsutomu. T. Yanagida and Norimi Yokozaki},
By extending a previously proposed conformal gauge mediation model, we construct a gaugemediated SUSY breaking (GMSB) model where a SUSY-breaking scale, a messenger mass, the μparameter and the gravitino mass in a minimal supersymmetric (SUSY) Standard Model (MSSM) are all explained by a single mass scale, a R-symmetry breaking scale. We focus on a low scale SUSY-breaking scenario with the gravitino mass m3/2 = O(1)eV, which is free from the cosmological gravitino problem and relaxes the fine… 


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