Charmonium spectral functions in $\bar p A$ collision

  title={Charmonium spectral functions in \$\bar p A\$ collision},
  author={Gy. Wolf and G{\'a}bor Balassa and P'eter Kov'acs and Mikl'os Z'et'enyi and Su Houng Lee},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Theory},
We study the in-medium propagation of low-lying charmonium states: $J/\Psi$, $\Psi$(3686), and $\Psi$(3770) in a $\bar p$ Au $10$ GeV collision. This energy regime will be available for the PANDA experiment. The time evolution of the spectral functions of the charmonium states is studied with a BUU type transport model. We observe a substantial effect of the medium in the dilepton spectrum. 

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