Charmonium Spectroscopy from Inclusive $’ and J/$ Radiative Decays*

  title={Charmonium Spectroscopy from Inclusive \$’ and J/\$ Radiative Decays*},
  author={John E. Gaiser and Erik Bloom and Fatin Bulos and Gary Godfrey and Christian Kiesling and W. Lockman and Mario Oreglia and D. L. Scharrec and Rebecca Partridge and C. Peck and J. Irion and W. Kollman and Konstantin Strauch and K. Wacker and A. Weinsteinc and Dennis Coyne and Charles Newman and Adrienne Liberman},
Results from a detailed study using the Crystal Ball detector at SPEAR of the inclusive photon spectra from 1.8. lo6 $J’ and 2.2. lo6 J/lc, decays are presented. Radiative transitions from the 9’ to the x2,1,0 states are observed with photon energies of (126.0 f 0.2 f 4) MeV, (169.6 f 0.3 f 4) MeV and (258.4 f 0.4 f 4) MeV and branching ratios B($’ -+ 7 x,,,,,) = (8.0 f 0.5 f 0.7)%, (9.0 f 0.5 f 0.7)%, and (9.9 It 0.5 f 0.8)‘?’ 0, respectively. Values for the natural line widths of the x states… CONTINUE READING