Charles Soret. A short biographya

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Thermodiffusion-induced traveling and shock waves in a colloidal solution.
It is shown that under an externally imposed constant thermal gradient, a traveling wave can emerge in a solution of self-propelled neutral colloid and may reduce to a shock wave provided the product of the square of the wave speed and the relaxation time exactly balances the mass diffusion coefficient. Expand
Definition of frame-invariant thermodiffusion and Soret coefficients for ternary mixtures.
The definitions of thermodiffusion and Soret coefficients for a binary mixture include a concentration prefactor x(1 - x), when mole fraction x is used, or w(1 - w), when mass fraction w is used. InExpand
Emergent spatiotemporal instabilities in reactive spatially extended systems by thermodiffusion.
This study provides a route to pattern formation beyond Turing space and reveals remarkable influence of thermodiffusion to modify the pattern types just by employing an external thermal gradient which also opens up the possibility to set up new related experiments. Expand
Results of the DCMIX1 experiment on measurement of Soret coefficients in ternary mixtures of hydrocarbons under microgravity conditions on the ISS.
A linear relation between the Soret coefficients of two components is derived for each system and allows validating experimentally the coefficients measured in other experiments. Expand
A numerical study of buoyancy-Marangoni convection of volatile binary fluids in confined geometries
Abstract A horizontal temperature gradient can cause a flow in a layer of liquid with a free surface via several different mechanisms. The most universal one is due to thermocapillary stresses thatExpand
Numerical modelling of thermophoresis in water-alumina nanofluid under pool boiling conditions
Abstract The Soret-effect or thermo-diffusion in liquids has been a subject of long-standing consideration for research. Numerical modelling of thermophoresis in water-alumina nanofluid subjected toExpand
Modelling of a solar pond as a combined heat source and store to drive an absorption cooling system for a building in Iraq
................................................................................................................ 9 DECLARATIONExpand
Numerical Simulations of Thermocapillary Flow of a Binary Mixture with the Soret Effect in a Shallow Annular Pool
In order to understand the characteristics of thermocapillary flow of a toluene/n-hexane mixture with the Soret effect in a shallow annular pool, a series of three-dimensional numerical simulationsExpand
The Soret Effect in Liquid Mixtures – A Review
Abstract The Soret effect describes diffusive motion that originates from a temperature gradient. It is observed in mixtures of gases, liquids and even solids. Although there is a formalExpand
Thermodiffusion or Soret effect: Historical review
A historical database of experimental and theoretical works has been offered and major challenges, limitations, and technical hitches of performing experiments on ground (earth) condition has been selected, and cautiously deliberated. Expand


Discoveries in Oxygenic Photosynthesis (1727–2003): A Perspective
This history begins with the observation of the English clergyman Stephen Hales that plants derive nourishment from the air and includes the definitive experiments in the 1960–1965 period establishing the two-photosystem and two-light reaction scheme of oxygenic photosynthesis. Expand
The Rise of the Theory of Differentiation in Igneous Petrology (Part 2 of 2)
The theory of differentiation dominated igneous petrology between 1880 and 1903. During this period, petrologists eagerly applied insights from the burgeoning field of physical chemistry to accountExpand