Charges of Monopole Operators in Chern-Simons Yang-Mills Theory

  title={Charges of Monopole Operators in Chern-Simons Yang-Mills Theory},
  author={Marcus K. Benna and Igor R. Klebanov and Thomas Klose},
We calculate the non-abelian R-charges of BPS monopole operators in threedimensional gauge theories with N = 3 supersymmetry. This class of models includes ABJM theory, the proposed gauge theory dual of M-theory on AdS4 × S7/Zk. In the UV limit of the N = 3 theories the Yang-Mills coupling becomes weak and the monopole operators are described by classical backgrounds. This allows us to find their SU(2)R charges in a one-loop computation which by virtue of the non-renormalization of non-abelian… CONTINUE READING
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