Charges Against Prostitution: An Attempt at a Philosophical Assessment

  title={Charges Against Prostitution: An Attempt at a Philosophical Assessment},
  author={Lars O. Ericsson},
  pages={335 - 366}
The debate over prostitution is probably as old as prostitution itself. And the discussion of the oldest profession is as alive today as it ever was. New books and articles are constantly being published, new scientific reports and theories presented, and new committees and commissions formed.1 Yet while the scientific and literary discussion is very much alive, the philosophical discussion of it seems never even to have come to life. How is this to be explained? And is there any justification… 

Prostitution, Exploitation and Taboo

It is so generally accepted that prostitution is immoral, that this is one of the least discussed of all ethical issues. Few serious philosophical treatments of the subject have been published. Of

What's Wrong with Prostitution?

Over the last three decades the sexual morality of many Western societies has changed beyond recognition. Most of the prohibitions which made up the traditional, extremely restrictive outlook on sex

Is prostitution harmful?

It is argued that if casual sex is acceptable, then the authors have few or no reasons to reject prostitution, and that prostitution is no more harmful than a long line of occupations that they commonly accept without hesitation.

Prostitution and the Ideal State. A Defense of a Policy of Vigilance

The debate concerning prostitution is centered around two main views: the liberal view and the radical feminist view. The typical liberal view is associated with decriminalization and normalization

Prostitution as a Psychiatric Situation: Ethical Aspects.

This paper defines prostitution as a new medical situation, and proposes peer education as a way of promoting healthy and safer behaviors among the subculture of prostitutes, where the importance of psychiatrists in selecting/recruiting, training and motivating peer educators among them is seen.

Prostitution as a matter of freedom

Can prostitution be conceived as a voluntary choice? Can the exchange of sexual services in return for money be seen as an act of will? Is it possible to distinguish between voluntary and coerced

Legalisation: the legal response to understanding prostitution as a spectrum of experience

In this essay it will be argued that the legalization of prostitution is the sole legal framework capable of responding appropriately to the spectrum of experiences found within the sex industry. The

Sexual Exploitation and the Social Contract

Nearly everyone agrees that sexual exploitation occurs and that, when it does, it is morally wrong. However, there is substantial disagreement over what constitutes sexual exploitation and why it is

Comment on Overall's "What's Wrong with Prostitution? Evaluating Sex Work"

  • L. Shrage
  • Sociology
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1994
I N PREPARING the groundwork for the moral and political analysis of prostitution, feminist theorists have tried to develop a single account of the origins and social evolution of prostitutionthat

What's Wrong with Prostitution? Evaluating Sex Work

  • C. Overall
  • Economics, Sociology
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1992
T HI S ARTICLE originated from the recognition of two problems concerning the nature, meaning, value, and circumstances of prostitution within capitalist patriarchy. The first of these problems is