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Charged pion production in $\mathbf{Au+Au}$ collisions at $\mathbf{\sqrt{s_{NN}}}$ = 2.4$\mathbf{GeV}$

  title={Charged pion production in \$\mathbf\{Au+Au\}\$ collisions at \$\mathbf\{\sqrt\{s_\{NN\}\}\}\$ = 2.4\$\mathbf\{GeV\}\$},
  author={J.Adamczewski-Musch and O.Arnold and C.Behnke and A.Belounnas and A.Belyaev and J.C.Berger-Chen and J.Biernat and A.Blanco and C.Blume and M.Boehmer and P.Bordalo and S.Chernenko and L.Chlad and I.Ciepal and C.Deveaux and J.Dreyer and A.Dybczak and E.Epple and L.Fabbietti and O.Fateev and P.Filip and P.Fonte and C.Franco and J.Friese and I.Froehlich and T.Galatyuk and J.A.Garz'on and R.Gernhaeuser and S.Glaessel and M.Golubeva and R.Greifenhagen and F.Guber and M.Gumberidze and S.Harabasz and T.Heinz and T.Hennino and S.Hlavac and C.Hohne and R.Holzmann and A.Ierusalimov and A.Ivashkin and B.Kampfer and T.Karavicheva and B.Kardan and I.Koenig and W.Koenig and M.Kohls and B.W.Kolb and G.Korcyl and G.Kornakov and F.Kornas and R.Kotte and A.Kugler and T.Kunz and A.Kurepin and A.Kurilkin and P.Kurilkin and V.Ladygin and R.Lalik and K.Lapidus and A.Lebedev and L.Lopes and M.Lorenz and T.Mahmoud and L.Maier and A.Malige and A.Mangiarotti and J.Markert and T.Matulewicz and S.Maurus and V.Metag and J.Michel and D.M.Mihaylov and S.Morozov and C.Muentz and R.Muenzer and L.Naumann and K.Nowakowski and M.Palka and Y.Parpottas and V.Pechenov and O.Pechenova and O.Petukhov and K.Piasecki and J.Pietraszko and W.Przygoda and K.Pysz and S.Ramos and B.Ramstein and A.Reshetin and P.Rodriguez-Ramos and N.Rathod and P.Rosier and A.Rost and A.Rustamov and A.Sadovsky and P.Salabura and T.Scheib and H.Schuldes and E.Schwab and F.Scozzi and F.Seck and P.Sellheim and I.Selyuzhenkov and J.Siebenson and L.Silva and U.Singh and J.Smyrski and Yu.G.Sobolev and S.Spataro and S.Spies and H.Stroebele and J.Stroth and P.Strzempek and C.Sturm and O.Svoboda and M.Szala and P.Tlusty and M.Traxler and H.Tsertos and E.Usenko and V.Wagner and C.Wendisch and M.G.Wiebusch and J.Wirth and D.Wojcik and Y.Zanevsky and P.Zumbruch},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Experiment},
  • J.Adamczewski-Musch, O.Arnold, +125 authors P.Zumbruch
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Nuclear Experiment
  • We present high-statistic data on charged pion emission from Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}$ = 2.4 GeV (corresponding to $E_{beam}$ = 1.23 A GeV) in four centrality classes in the range 0 - 40$\%$ of the most central collisions. The data are analyzed as a function of transverse momentum, transverse mass, rapidity, and polar angle. Pion multiplicity per participating nucleon decreases moderately with increasing centrality. The polar angular distributions are found to be non-isotropic… CONTINUE READING


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