Charged-particle probing of x-ray-driven inertial-fusion implosions.


Measurements of x-ray-driven implosions with charged particles have resulted in the quantitative characterization of critical aspects of indirect-drive inertial fusion. Three types of spontaneous electric fields differing in strength by two orders of magnitude, the largest being nearly one-tenth of the Bohr field, were discovered with time-gated proton radiographic imaging and spectrally resolved proton self-emission. The views of the spatial structure and temporal evolution of both the laser drive in a hohlraum and implosion properties provide essential insight into, and modeling validation of, x-ray-driven implosions.

DOI: 10.1126/science.1185747

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@article{Li2010ChargedparticlePO, title={Charged-particle probing of x-ray-driven inertial-fusion implosions.}, author={Chi K Li and Fernand Seguin and Johan A. Frenje and Michal Rosenberg and Richard D. Petrasso and Peter A Amendt and Jeffrey Koch and O L Landen and H S Park and Harry F. Robey and Richard P J Town and Alexis Casner and François Philippe and Riccardo Betti and James P. Knauer and David D. Meyerhofer and Carlo Back and Joseph D Kilkenny and Abbas Nikroo}, journal={Science}, year={2010}, volume={327 5970}, pages={1231-5} }