Charge-velocity-dependent one-scale linear model

  title={Charge-velocity-dependent one-scale linear model},
  author={Carlos J. A. P. Martins and Patrick Peter and I. Yu. Rybak and E. P. S. Shellard},
  journal={Physical Review D},
C. J. A. P. Martins,1, 2, ∗ Patrick Peter,3, 4, † I. Yu. Rybak,1, 2, ‡ and E. P. S. Shellard4, § Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto, Rua das Estrelas, 4150-762 Porto, Portugal Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço, CAUP, Rua das Estrelas, 4150-762 Porto, Portugal GRεCO – Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, CNRS & Sorbonne Université, UMR 7095 98 bis boulevard Arago, 75014 Paris, France Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics… 

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  • Péter
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1992
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