Charge transport in HoxLu1-xB12: Separating Positive and Negative Magnetoresistance in Metals with Magnetic Ions

  title={Charge transport in HoxLu1-xB12: Separating Positive and Negative Magnetoresistance in Metals with Magnetic Ions},
  author={N Sluchanko and A. L. Khoroshilov and Mikhail A. Anisimov and Andrey Azarevich and Aleksey Bogach and V Glushkov and Sergei V. Demishev and Vladimir N. Krasnorussky and Valerii V. Voronov and N. Yu. Shitsevalova and Vladimir B. Filippov and A. V. Levchenko and Gabriel Prist{\'a}{\vs} and S Gab{\'a}ni and K. Flachbart},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The magnetoresistance (MR) $\Delta \rho/\rho$ of cage-glass compound Ho$_x$Lu$_{1-x}$B$_{12}$ with various concentration of magnetic holmium ions ($x$$\leq$0.5) has been studied in detail concurrently with magnetization M(T) and Hall effect investigations on high quality single crystals at temperatures 1.9-120 K and in magnetic field up to 80 kOe. The undertaken analysis of $\Delta\rho/\rho$ allows us to conclude that the large negative magnetoresistance (nMR) observed in vicinity of Neel… 
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