Charge-transfer interactions in a multichromophoric hexaarylbenzene containing pyrene and triarylamines.

  title={Charge-transfer interactions in a multichromophoric hexaarylbenzene containing pyrene and triarylamines.},
  author={Christoph Lambert and Julia Ehbets and Dirk Rausch and Markus Steeger},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={77 14},
Two different hexaarylbenzenes with three pyrene and three triarylamine substituents in different positions (trigonal symmetric and asymmetric arrangement) were synthesized, and their charge-transfer states were investigated by optical spectroscopy. In these multichromophoric systems triarylamine acts as the electron donor and pyrene as the electron acceptor. A reference chromophore with only one donor-acceptor pair was also investigated. All these chromophores form charge-transfer states upon… CONTINUE READING

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The interaction matrix for this case is analogous to the HückelπMOmatrix for benzene in which the resonance integral has to be replaced by the exciton interaction V . ( 65 ) Vauthey

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