Charge relaxation resistance in the cotunneling regime of multichannel Coulomb blockade: Violation of Korringa-Shiba relation

  title={Charge relaxation resistance in the cotunneling regime of multichannel Coulomb blockade: Violation of Korringa-Shiba relation},
  author={Igor S. Burmistrov and Ya.I. Rodionov},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We study the low frequency admittance of a small metallic island coupled to a gate electrode and to a massive reservoir via a \emph{multi channel} tunnel junction. The ac current is caused by a slowly oscillating gate voltage. We focus on the regime of inelastic cotunneling in which the dissipation of energy (the real part of the admittance) is determined by two-electron tunneling with creation of electron-hole pairs on the island. We demonstrate that at finite temperatures but low frequencies… 

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