Charge order dynamics in underdoped La$\mathbf{_{1.6-\textit{x}}}$Nd$\mathbf{_{0.4}}$Sr$\mathbf{{_\textit{x}}}$CuO$\mathbf{_{4}}$ revealed by electric pulses

  title={Charge order dynamics in underdoped La\$\mathbf\{\_\{1.6-\textit\{x\}\}\}\$Nd\$\mathbf\{\_\{0.4\}\}\$Sr\$\mathbf\{\{\_\textit\{x\}\}\}\$CuO\$\mathbf\{\_\{4\}\}\$ revealed by electric pulses},
  author={Bal K. Pokharel and Yuxin Wang and Jan Jaroszynski and Takao Sasagawa and Dragana Popovi'c},
The dynamics of the charge-order domains has been investigated in La$_{1.48}$Nd$_{0.4}$Sr$_{0.12}$CuO$_{4}$, a prototypical stripe-ordered cuprate, using pulsed current injection. We first identify the regime in which nonthermal effects dominate over simple Joule heating, and then demonstrate that, for small enough perturbation, pulsed current injection allows access to nonthermally-induced resistive metastable states. The results are consistent with pinning of the fluctuating charge order… 

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