Charge and spin order in one-dimensional electron systems with long-range Coulomb interactions

  title={Charge and spin order in one-dimensional electron systems with long-range Coulomb interactions},
  author={Bel'en Valenzuela and Simone Fratini and Dionys Baeriswyl},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We study a system of electrons interacting through long-range Coulomb forces on a one-dimensional lattice, by means of a variational ansatz which is the strong-coupling counterpart of the Gutzwiller wave function. Our aim is to describe the quantum analogue of Hubbard's classical ``generalized Wigner crystal.'' We first analyze charge ordering in a system of spinless fermions, with particular attention to the effects of lattice commensurability. We argue that for a general (rational) number of… 
Wigner Crystallization of Electrons in a One-Dimensional Lattice: A Condensation in the Space of States.
The ground state of a system of spinless electrons interacting through a screened Coulomb potential in a lattice ring is studied and it is shown that, when the effective interaction compares with the kinetic energy, the system forms a Wigner crystal undergoing a first-order quantum phase transition.
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Variational study of the interacting, spinless Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model.
To obtain the ground state wave-function, the Baeriswyl variational wave function is extended to account for alternating hopping parameters and results suggest that the correlation acts to break the chiral symmetry of the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model, in the same way as it happens when a Rice-Mele onsite potential is turned on.
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Abstract.Substances such as the “telephone number compound” Sr14Cu24O41 are intrinsically hole-doped. The involved interplay of spin and charge dynamics is a challenge for theory. In this article


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Wigner crystal in one dimension.
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    Physical review letters
  • 1993
The results allow a consistent interpretation of the plasmon and spin excitations observed in one-dimensional semiconductor structures, and suggest an interpretation of some of the observed features in terms of ``spinons.
Quantum phase transitions to charge-ordered and Wigner-crystal states under the interplay of lattice commensurability and long-range Coulomb interactions.
The relationship among the Wigner crystal, charge ordering, and the Mott insulator is studied by the path-integral renormalization group method in two-dimensional systems with long-range Coulomb interaction, showing a large reduction from r(s) approximately 35 in the continuum limit.
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The critical behavior shows that the Mott transition is infinite order for all t', whether or not a spin gap is present, and that hyperscaling holds.
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The electron system is found to be in the normal- (paramagnetic) fluid state below the transition density, but the fully polarized state is very close in energy.