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Charge Symmetry Breaking and Nuclear Pion Production Reactions

  title={Charge Symmetry Breaking and Nuclear Pion Production Reactions},
  author={Daniel R. Bolton},
Charge Symmetry Breaking and Nuclear Pion Production Reactions Daniel R. Bolton Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Professor Gerald A. Miller Department of Physics Large momentum transfer reactions such as pion production represent the frontier of Chiral Perturbation Theory and must be understood before more complex reactions can be considered. Pion production is also interesting in its own right, one application being the hadronic extraction of a charge symmetry breaking parameter: the… 



Novel approach to pion and eta production in proton-proton collisions near threshold

Abstract: We evaluate the threshold matrix–element for the reaction pp→ppπ0 in a fully relativistic Feynman diagrammatic approach. We employ a simple effective range approximation to take care of the

Role of heavy-meson exchange in pion production near threshold.

It is argued that pp → pp 0 data provide direct experimental evidence for meson, and the inclusion of the scalar �-meson exchange current increases the cross section by about a factor of five, and leads to excellent agreement with the data.

The pion-deuteron forward elastic amplitude in the non-overlapping potentials model

The pion deuteron forward elastic amplitude has been calculated in the nonoverlapping potentials model which enables a description of off-shell propagation effects in terms of on-shell amplitudes.

Isospin Violation in Low-energy Hadronic Physics

Isospin violation in pionic and nuclear systems is studied at energies comparable to the pion mass using the general effective chiral Lagrangian. It is shown that the smallness of observed isospin

Variation of fundamental couplings and nuclear forces

The near threshold N N -> d pi reaction in chiral perturbation theory

The near-threshold n p -> d pi0 cross section is calculated in chiral perturbation theory to next-to-leading order in the expansion parameter sqrt{M m_pi}/Lambda_chi. At this order irreducible pion

Pions and Nuclei

The pion has emerges as the main feature of nuclear structure beyond the traditional description in terms of neutrons and protons. It manifests itself in a number of areas which are normally only