Charge-Switchable Nanozymes for Bioorthogonal Imaging of Biofilm-Associated Infections.

  title={Charge-Switchable Nanozymes for Bioorthogonal Imaging of Biofilm-Associated Infections.},
  author={Akash Gupta and Riddha Das and Gulen Yeşilbag Tonga and Tsukasa Mizuhara and Vincent M Rotello},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={12 1},
Early detection of biofilms is crucial for limiting infection-based damage. Imaging these biofilms is challenging: conventional imaging agents are unable to penetrate the dense matrix of the biofilm, and many imaging agents are susceptible to false positive/negative responses due to phenotypical mutations of the constituent microbes. We report the creation of pH-responsive nanoparticles with embedded transition metal catalysts (nanozymes) that effectively target the acidic microenvironment of… CONTINUE READING