Charge, neutron, and weak size of the atomic nucleus

  title={Charge, neutron, and weak size of the atomic nucleus},
  author={Gaute Hagen and Andreas Ekstrom and Christian Forss'en and G. R. Jansen and Witold Nazarewicz and Thomas Papenbrock and Kyle A. Wendt and S. Bacca and Nir Barnea and B. D. Carlsson and C. Drischler and K. Hebeler and Morten Hjorth-Jensen and Mirko Miorelli and Giuseppina Orlandini and Achim Schwenk and J. Simonis},
What is the size of the atomic nucleus? This deceivably simple question is difficult to answer. While the electric charge distributions in atomic nuclei were measured accurately already half a century ago, our knowledge of the distribution of neutrons is still deficient. In addition to constraining the size of atomic nuclei, the neutron distribution also impacts the number of nuclei that can exist and the size of neutron stars. We present an ab initio calculation of the neutron distribution of… Expand
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