Charcot and Pasteur: Intersecting Orbits in Fin de Siècle French Medicine

  title={Charcot and Pasteur: Intersecting Orbits in Fin de Si{\`e}cle French Medicine},
  author={Christopher G Goetz and Donald H. Harter},
  journal={Journal of the History of the Neurosciences},
  pages={378 - 386}
Charcot and Pasteur were scientific contemporaries, but their relationship has not been extensively studied. We analyzed available source documents from the Charcot Library, Bibliothèque Nationale, Institute Pasteur, and Pasteur Library. These documents demonstrate that in spite of geographical proximity, international and local recognition, Charcot and Pasteur largely pursued their careers independent of one another. Although the Paris scientific climate was one of active debate, Pasteur's and… 


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Although Charcot’s simple and direct anatomic methods won the debate on this occasion, Brown–Séquard's prioritization of physiology and experimentalism became beacons of modern neurologic study at the close of the nineteenth century.
["Charcot, international physician"].
The claim is made that Charcot's international success was not merely a passive honorific consequence of his work but a strategy actively pursued by the chief of the Salpêtrière in order to advance his Salpâtrière school at home and defeat opposition to his programme by rivals.
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This book provides the best available account of the life and contributions of Jean-Martin Charcot, and clearly defines his role in establishing the new medical speciality of clinical neurology.
[Excerpt from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice: The French Scientist's Image of German Science, 1840-1919"]
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