Characterizing the Performance of Concurrent Virtualized Network Functions with OVS-DPDK, FD.IO VPP and SR-IOV

  title={Characterizing the Performance of Concurrent Virtualized Network Functions with OVS-DPDK, FD.IO VPP and SR-IOV},
  author={Nikolai Pitaev and M. Falkner and Aris Leivadeas and I. Lambadaris},
  journal={Proceedings of the 2018 ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering},
The virtualization of network functions is promising significant cost reductions for network operators. Running multiple network functions on a standard x86 server instead of dedicated appliances can increase the utilization of the underlying hardware,while reducing the maintenance and management costs of such functions. However, total cost of ownership calculations are typically a function of the attainable network throughput, which in a virtualized system is highly dependent on the overall… Expand
VNF Placement Problem: A Multi-Tenant Intent-Based Networking Approach
  • Aris Leivadeas, M. Falkner
  • Computer Science
  • 2021 24th Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks and Workshops (ICIN)
  • 2021
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