Characterizing neuropsychiatric symptoms in subjects referred to dementia clinics.

  title={Characterizing neuropsychiatric symptoms in subjects referred to dementia clinics.},
  author={Kevin R. Peters and Kenneth Rockwood and Sandra E. Black and R{\'e}mi W. Bouchard and Serge G. Gauthier and David B. Hogan and Andrew Kertesz and Inge Loy-English and Bonita Lynn Beattie and Adele Dessa Sadovnick and Howard H. Feldman},
  volume={66 4},
OBJECTIVE To characterize the neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) of subjects classified as not cognitively impaired (NCI), cognitively impaired-not demented (CIND), and dementia. METHODS A Canadian Cohort Study of Cognitive Impairment and Related Dementias (ACCORD) is a longitudinal investigation of individuals referred to eight Canadian dementia centers for evaluation of cognitive impairment and neurobehavioral symptoms. Of the inception cohort of 804 subjects for whom the informant-based… CONTINUE READING