Characterizing leader sequences of CRISPR loci

  title={Characterizing leader sequences of CRISPR loci},
  author={Omer S. Alkhnbashi and Shiraz A. Shah and Roger A. Garrett and Sita J. Saunders and Fabrizio Costa and Rolf Backofen},
  volume={32 17},
MOTIVATION The CRISPR-Cas system is an adaptive immune system in many archaea and bacteria, which provides resistance against invading genetic elements. The first phase of CRISPR-Cas immunity is called adaptation, in which small DNA fragments are excised from genetic elements and are inserted into a CRISPR array generally adjacent to its so called leader sequence at one end of the array. It has been shown that transcription initiation and adaptation signals of the CRISPR array are located… CONTINUE READING
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