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Characterizing Seller-Driven Black-Hat Marketplaces The Curious Case of SEOClerks and MyCheapJobs

  title={Characterizing Seller-Driven Black-Hat Marketplaces The Curious Case of SEOClerks and MyCheapJobs},
  author={Shehroze Farooqi and Muhammad Ikram and G. Irfan and Emiliano De Cristofaro and A. Friedman and G. Jourjon and M. K{\^a}afar and M. Shafiq and Fareed Zaffar},
This paper investigates two seller-driven black-hat online marketplaces, SEOClerks and MyCheapJobs, aiming to shed light on the services they offer as well as sellers and customers they attract. We perform a measurement-based analysis based on complete crawls of their websites and find that the vast majority of services target popular social media and e-commerce websites, such as website backlinks, Instagram followers, or Twitter retweets, and estimate revenues to be at least $1.3M for… Expand
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