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Characterizing Performance Guarantees for Real-Time Multiagent Systems Operating in Noisy and Uncertain Environments

  title={Characterizing Performance Guarantees for Real-Time Multiagent Systems Operating in Noisy and Uncertain Environments},
  author={D. Lyons and R. Arkin and Stephen Fox and Shu Jiang and P. Nirmal and M. Zafar},
Autonomous robots offer the potential to conduct CounterWeapons of Mass Destruction (C-WMD) missions in an efficient and robust manner. However, to leverage this potential, a mission designer needs to be able to determine how well a robot system will operate in the noisy and uncertain environments that a CWMD mission may require. We are developing a software framework for verification of performance guarantees for CWMD missions based on the MissionLab software system and a novel process algebra… Expand

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