Characterizations of chloro and aqua Mn(II) mononuclear complexes with amino-pyridine ligands. Comparison of their electrochemical properties with those of Fe(II) counterparts.


The solution behavior of mononuclear Mn(II) complexes, namely, [(L(5)(2))MnCl](+) (1), [(L(5)(3))MnCl](+) (2), [(L(5)(2))Mn(OH(2))](2+) (3), [(L(5)(3))Mn(OH(2))](2+) (4), and [(L(6)(2))Mn(OH(2))](2+) (6), with L(5)(2/3) and L(6)(2) being penta- and hexadentate amino-pyridine ligands, is investigated in MeCN using EPR, UV-vis spectroscopies, and… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/ic8015172


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