Characterization of two receptors for TRAIL.

  title={Characterization of two receptors for TRAIL.},
  author={Pascal Schneider and J. L. Bodmer and M Thome and Kay Hofmann and Nils Holler and J. -M. Tschopp},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={416 3},
Two receptors for TRAIL, designated TRAIL-R2 and TRAIL-R3, have been identified. Both are members of the tumor necrosis factor receptor family. TRAIL-R2 is structurally similar to the death-domain-containing receptor TRAIL-R1 (DR-4), and is capable of inducing apoptosis. In contrast, TRAIL-R3 does not promote cell death. TRAIL-R3 is highly glycosylated and is membrane bound via a putative phosphatidylinositol anchor. The extended structure of TRAIL-R3 is due to the presence of multiple… CONTINUE READING

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