Characterization of two new channel protein genes in Arabidopsis.

  title={Characterization of two new channel protein genes in Arabidopsis.},
  author={Kyeong Tae Pih and Vandana Kabilan and Jeong Hwa Lim and Shin Gene Kang and Hai Lan Piao and Jing Bo Jin and Inhwan Hwang},
  journal={Molecules and cells},
  volume={9 1},
Aquaporins, small channel proteins, found in a variety of organisms are members of the major intrinsic protein (MIP) superfamily and have been shown to facilitate water transport when expressed in Xenopus oocytes. We isolated two Arabidopsis cDNAs, SIMIP and SITIP, that encode protein homologues of the MIP superfamily. SIMIP exhibits a high degree of sequence homology to PIP3 and MIP1, and thus may belong to the plasmamembrane intrinsic protein (PIP) subfamily, whereas salt-stress inducible… CONTINUE READING


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