Characterization of two monoclonal antibodies against porcine VCAM-1.


Immunization of mice with TNF alpha-activated porcine endothelial cells led to the characterization of two monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), 5F3 and 8A7, specific for porcine VCAM-1. Upon flow cytometry, both antibodies increasingly labeled endothelial cells according to their degree of activation. They bound a band of MW 80 kDa on Western blots of endothelial… (More)


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@article{Richard1999CharacterizationOT, title={Characterization of two monoclonal antibodies against porcine VCAM-1.}, author={Chebbabi Richard and B{\'e}atrice Charreau and Patricia Vusio and J P Soulillou and J. F. Bouhours}, journal={Hybridoma}, year={1999}, volume={18 2}, pages={159-65} }