Characterization of thermophilic consortia from two souring oil reservoirs.

  title={Characterization of thermophilic consortia from two souring oil reservoirs.},
  author={Rudolf Fr. M{\"u}ller and Per Halkj{\ae}r Nielsen},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={62 9},
The microbial consortia from produced water at two different oil fields in Alaska (Kuparuk) and the North Sea (Ninian) were investigated for sulfate-reducing and methanogenic activity over a range of temperatures and for a variety of substrates. The consortia were sampled on site, and samples were either incubated on site at 60(deg)C with various substrates or frozen for later incubation and analyses. Temperature influenced the rates of sulfate reduction, hydrogen sulfide production, and… CONTINUE READING


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