Characterization of the testicular regeneration potential in premature cockerels

  title={Characterization of the testicular regeneration potential in premature cockerels},
  author={Po-Liang Cheng and WU Hui-Ru and Cheng-Yan Li and Chih-Feng Chen and Hsu-Chen Cheng},
  booktitle={The Journal of reproduction and development},
Previous studies have shown that grafted neonatal chicken testicular tissue can develop and produce functional sperm; however, it was unclear whether regenerative processes or proportional growth caused the re-appearance of spermatogenic tissue. We dissociated testicular tissues, performed subcutaneous auto-transplantation of the re-aggregated cells to castrated cockerels, and monitored the post-surgery development of these transplanted aggregates. We found that these transplanted cell… CONTINUE READING

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