Characterization of the phenylurea hydrolases A and B: founding members of a novel amidohydrolase subgroup.

  title={Characterization of the phenylurea hydrolases A and B: founding members of a novel amidohydrolase subgroup.},
  author={Jeevan L. Khurana and Colin J Jackson and Colin Scott and Gunjan Pandey and Irene Horne and Robyn J. Russell and Anthony J. Herlt and Christopher J Easton and John G Oakeshott},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={418 2},
Mycobacterium brisbanense strain JK1, a bacterium capable of degrading the herbicide diuron, was isolated from herbicide-exposed soil. A gene/enzyme system with diuron hydrolase activity was isolated from this strain and named PUH (phenylurea hydrolase) B (puhB/PuhB) because of its close similarity to the previously characterized PUH A (puhA/PuhA). Both PUHs were heterologously expressed, purified and characterized. The PUHs were found to oligomerize as hexamers in solution, with each monomer… CONTINUE READING


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