Characterization of the multiple forms of cytochrome b559 in photosystem II.

  title={Characterization of the multiple forms of cytochrome b559 in photosystem II.},
  author={Lynmarie K Thompson and Anne Frances Miller and Carolyn A Buser and Julio C de Paula and Gary W Brudvig},
  volume={28 20},
Cytochrome b559 is an essential component of the photosystem II (PSII) protein complex. Its function, which has long been an unsolved puzzle, is likely to be related to the unique ability of PSII to oxidize water. We have used EPR spectroscopy and spectrophotometric redox titrations to probe the structure of cytochrome b559 in PSII samples that have been treated to remove specific components of the complex. The results of these experiments indicate that the low-temperature photooxidation of… CONTINUE READING

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