Characterization of the mitogen-regulated protein (proliferin) receptor.

  title={Characterization of the mitogen-regulated protein (proliferin) receptor.},
  author={Joseph T. Nelson and Nitsa Rosenzweig and Marit Nilsen-Hamilton},
  volume={136 1},
Mitogen-regulated protein (MRP/PLF; also called proliferin) is a member of the PRL-GH family expressed by the placenta in mid-gestation. This report describes an MRP/PLF receptor in uterine membrane preparations from pregnant mice. Peak receptor activity occurred at 11 days of gestation with a dissociation constant of 6 x 10(-10) M and maximal binding capacity of 86 fmole MRP/PLF/mg membrane protein. PRL, PL-I, and mannose-6-phosphate did not compete for binding, and GH competed weakly only at… CONTINUE READING