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Characterization of the lowest excited-state ro-vibrational level of $^{23}$Na$^{87}$Rb

  title={Characterization of the lowest excited-state ro-vibrational level of \$^\{23\}\$Na\$^\{87\}\$Rb},
  author={Junyu He and Junyu Lin and Romain Vexiau and Nadia Bouloufa and Olivier Dulieu and Dajun Wang},
Starting from an ultracold sample of ground-state NaRb molecules, we investigate the lowest ro-vibrational level of the bΠ state with high resolution laser spectroscopy. This electronic spinforbidden XΣ ↔ bΠ transition features a nearly diagonal Franck-Condon factor and has been proposed useful for probing and manipulating the ultracold molecular gas. We measure the transition strength directly by probing the ac Stark shift induced by near resonance light and determine the total excited-state… Expand

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