Characterization of the human blood plasma proteome.

  title={Characterization of the human blood plasma proteome.},
  author={Yufeng Shen and Jeongkwon Kim and Eric F. Strittmatter and Jon M. Jacobs and David G. Camp and Ruihua Fang and Nikola Toli{\'e} and Ronald J. Moore and Richard D. Smith},
  volume={5 15},
We describe methods for broad characterization of the human plasma proteome. The combination of stepwise immunoglobulin G (IgG) and albumin protein depletion by affinity chromatography and ultrahigh-efficiency capillary liquid chromatography separations coupled to ion trap-tandem mass spectrometry enabled identification of 2392 proteins from a single plasma sample with an estimated confidence level of > 94%, and an additional 2198 proteins with an estimated confidence level of 80%. The relative… CONTINUE READING


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