Characterization of the genome, proteome, and structure of yersiniophage ϕR1-37.


The bacteriophage vB_YecM-ϕR1-37 (ϕR1-37) is a lytic yersiniophage that can propagate naturally in different Yersinia species carrying the correct lipopolysaccharide receptor. This large-tailed phage has deoxyuridine (dU) instead of thymidine in its DNA. In this study, we determined the genomic sequence of phage ϕR1-37, mapped parts of the phage… (More)
DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01783-12


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@article{Skurnik2012CharacterizationOT, title={Characterization of the genome, proteome, and structure of yersiniophage ϕR1-37.}, author={Mikael Skurnik and Heidi J Hyyti{\"a}inen and Lotta Johanna Happonen and Saija Kiljunen and Neeta Datta and Laura Mattinen and Kirsty Williamson and Paula Kristo and Magdalena A Szeliga and Laura Kalin-M{\"a}ntt{\"a}ri and Elina Ahola-Iivarinen and Nisse Kalkkinen and Sarah J Butcher}, journal={Journal of virology}, year={2012}, volume={86 23}, pages={12625-42} }