Characterization of the bovine prolactin gene.

  title={Characterization of the bovine prolactin gene.},
  author={Sally A Camper and Dennis Luck and Y C Yao and Richard P. Woychik and Raymond G. Goodwin and Robert H. Lyons and F M Rottman},
  volume={3 3},
The gene coding for bovine prolactin was shown to exist as a single copy per haploid genome. Three restriction fragment polymorphisms were detected in the prolactin gene by Southern blot analysis of DNA obtained from the semen of pedigreed bulls representing eight breeds. The organization of the bovine prolactin gene was determined by restriction mapping of a clone isolated from a genomic library and by genomic blots. The 5'-flanking region and two exons were sequenced and the transcription… CONTINUE READING

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