Characterization of the barley chloroplast transcription units containing psaA-psaB and psbD-psbC


Four plastid genes, psaA, psaB, psbD and psbC, were localized on the barley plastid genome. PsaA was adjacent to psaB in one transcription unit and psbD was adjacent to psbC in a second transcription unit. The transcription units containing psaA-psaB and psbD-psbC are separated by approximately 25 kbp on the barley plastid genome and are transcribed convergently. Transcripts hybridizing to each transcription unit were characterized by northern blot analysis, S1 protection experiments and primer extension analysis. Two 5.3 kb transcripts hybridize to psaA-psaB. The two transcripts have a common 5' end but differ at their 3' ends by about 26 nucleotides. The transcription unit which contains psbD-psbC also includes trnS(UGA), trnG(GCC), and an open reading frame which codes for a 62 amino acid protein. Six large transcripts ranging from 5.7 kb to 1.7 kb hybridize to the psbD-psbC transcription unit as well as several RNAs of tRNA size. The large transcripts arise from three 5' ends and two clusters of 3' ends. The 3' ends map near trnG(GCC) and trnS(UGA) and could be generated by RNA processing or termination of transcription. Two of the six transcripts hybridize to psbC but not psbD suggesting that translation of psbD and psbC could occur on separate RNAs.

DOI: 10.1093/nar/15.13.5217

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