Characterization of the artisanal fishery and its socio-economic aspects in the central Mediterranean Sea (Aeolian Islands, Italy)

  title={Characterization of the artisanal fishery and its socio-economic aspects in the central Mediterranean Sea (Aeolian Islands, Italy)},
  author={P. Battaglia and T. Romeo and P. Consoli and G. Scotti and F. Andaloro},
  journal={Fisheries Research},
Abstract Artisanal or small-scale fishery represents an important share of the Mediterranean fishery, even if it has been poorly investigated until now. In order to improve the knowledge on this sector we studied the Aeolian fishery, with the following aims: (a) to characterize fishery and fishing activities together with their socio-economic aspects; (b) to provide baseline information on the Aeolian fishery to develop appropriate management measures; (c) to discuss the changes in this fishery… Expand
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