Characterization of the apical membrane ionic permeability of the rabbit proximal convoluted tubule.


Basolateral membrane potential (psi BL), transepithelial potential (psi T), and the ratio of apical to basolateral membrane resistance (RA/RBL) were measured in rabbit proximal convoluted tubules (PCT) perfused in vitro. Analysis of RA/RBL changes using several luminal perfusates indicates that the cotransport of Na with glucose and alanine would represent 19% of the apical conductance in normal conditions; the cotransport of Na with acetate, citrate, sulfate, and phosphate would represent 7%, whereas Na, K, and Cl diffusion would represent 10, 4, and 0% of this apical conductance, respectively. On the other hand, psi BL values can also be analyzed using the equivalent circuit of the epithelium to obtain the apical membrane equivalent electromotive force (EA) in the presence of each perfusate. These values, as well as the preceding values obtained from RA/RBL measurements, indicate that in the absence of cotransported solutes the transference number for Na diffusion is several times larger than for K diffusion. Among the conductance pathways studied, the transference number sequence would be as follows: Na cotransport with alanine and glucose greater than Na cotransport with anions greater than Na diffusion greater than K diffusion greater than Cl diffusion. This study also suggests the presence of another important but unidentified apical ionic permeation pathway, since the total of the transference numbers obtained from RA/RBL analysis represents only 40% of the total apical membrane conductance and the absolute values of EA are difficult to account for using only the tested apical membrane permeation pathways.

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