Characterization of the activation-associated isoform of CD43 on murine T lymphocytes.

  title={Characterization of the activation-associated isoform of CD43 on murine T lymphocytes.},
  author={Anthony T. Jones and B. S. Soler Federsppiel and Lesley G Ellies and M J Williams and Robert Burgener and Vincent Duronio and Craig A Smith and Fumio Takei and Hermann J. Ziltener},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={153 8},
A rat mAb termed 1B11 recognizes a 130-kDa cell surface glycoprotein expressed on T lymphocytes. Transfection studies using the Cd43 gene transfected into murine L cells, and immunoblots using anti-peptide Abs specific for the CD43 polypeptide identified the 1B11 Ag as the 130-kDa isoform of murine CD43. mAb 1B11 fails to recognize the other major CD43 isoform, 115-kDa CD43, either by Western blotting or by FACS analysis, thus differing from the previously characterized anti-CD43 mAb S7 that… CONTINUE READING


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