Characterization of the Variability of Nucleoli in the Cells of Panax ginseng Meyer In Vivo and In Vitro

  title={Characterization of the Variability of Nucleoli in the Cells of Panax ginseng Meyer In Vivo and In Vitro},
  author={Yuliya A. Khrolenko and Olga L. Burundukova and Lyudmila S. Lauve and Tamara I. Muzarok and Vyacheslav V. Makhan’kov and Yuri n. Zhuravlev},
  booktitle={Journal of ginseng research},
Results of karyological study of intact plants and some callus lines of Panax ginseng are presented. In the native plants of P. ginseng the nucleus with 1 nucleolus (90%) dominate, and nucleus with 2 nucleoli is rare. One nucleolar nucleus also dominate in interphase nuclei of cells of cultivated P. ginseng (from 2006), but we also found nucleus with 2 to 3 nucleoli in the same cell lines. Interphase nuclei of P. ginseng in long cultivated lines (from 1988) contain 1 to 9 nucleoli, with a… CONTINUE READING


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