Characterization of the T cells in aged rat bone marrow.

  title={Characterization of the T cells in aged rat bone marrow.},
  author={Katsuto Hozumi and Takashi Masuko and Takashi Nishimura and Sonoko Habu and Yuuri Hashimoto},
  journal={Immunology letters},
  volume={36 2},
In this study, we determined the characteristics of CD3-positive (CD3+) T cells existing in rat bone marrow (BM). In contrast to splenic T cells, BM CD3+ T cells are composed of a higher proportion of CD8+ T cells, and the number of both cell types increased with age. Such CD3+ T cells in aged rats showed a similar usage of TCR V beta as splenic T cells, suggesting that BM CD3+ T cells are thymus-dependent and composed of an ordinary population in view of the expression of the TCR beta-chain… CONTINUE READING

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