Characterization of the Stretch-activated Chloride Channel in Isolated Human Atrial Myocytes

  title={Characterization of the Stretch-activated Chloride Channel in Isolated Human Atrial Myocytes},
  author={Ryoichi Sato and S-i. Koumi},
  journal={The Journal of Membrane Biology},
Macroscopic and unitary currents through stretch-activated Cl− channels were examined in isolated human atrial myocytes using whole-cell, excised outside-out and inside-out configurations of the patch-clamp technique. When K+ and Ca2+ conductances were blocked and the intracellular Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+] i ) was reduced, application of positive pressure via the pipette activated membrane currents under whole-cell voltage-clamp conditions. The reversal potential of the current shifted by 60… CONTINUE READING


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